Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can enjoy TODAY!



Villas Alejandrinas D.B.A La Joya del Mar


Nested between San Felipe’s pristine south beach and the jutting granite hills;  separated by just a mile of sandy dunes, natural desert landscapes and fauna,  is 60 acres we call La Joya del Mar – The Jewel of the Sea.


Is all about location: 15 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from downtown and 120 miles south of the US border. A perfect spot.



Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can enjoy TODAY!


Individual Clear Title Guarantee

The development meets all the permissions required to operate by law, including federal zone permissions on beach area.

Most importantly La Joya del Mar is a certified F4 Development, which means it complies with all legal requirements needed to issue a land title for your acquisition.


Utilities Guarantee

The development covers a yearly consumer services insurance agreement which ensures the continuity of water, sewage, garbage disposal and electricity.

Sea & Desert lots price range between 50K to 315K


These are some of the features included in the development plans of La Joya del Mar:

24 / 7 Secured Gated Community

Private Water Well

Underground Electric

Sewage System

Garbage Dsiposal

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Professional assistance in all phases of your home construction

Home owners association will be implemented accordingly

Club house included on second phase of development

Paved streets included on second phase of development


La Joya del Mar Purchase Process

Our sales representative will assist and show you how to purchase in Mexico and will act as a liaison between you, your mortgage company (if you choose to mortgage) and the trust company of your choosing, to help make your purchase as hassle-free as possible.